Tanji is the first mobile app that curates, personalizes, and guides you to women-centric film, TV and online content. Anywhere, any time.

Women make up the majority of media consumers and ticket buyers. Tanji drives that purchasing power.

It’s also a signal-booster when it counts most for filmmakers: limited releases, opening weekends and premieres.

Tanji is the go-to digital tool for conscious consumers who seek more stories when and how they want to see them.

Tanji will energize audiences to incentive the industry to work for all of us . . . while we’re having fun!

Why women-centric?

This means we focus on Film, TV and Online Content that:

Significantly features women in acting roles
Is created by, written by, directed by and/or produced by women
Populates crew and behind-the-scenes positions with women
Have narratives which center on a female protagonist

Women are not a niche market with one point of view or set of interests. Tanji is continuously working to be intersectional in connecting you to women-centric stories. This means recognizing that not every woman is white, middle-class, cis-gendered and/or able-bodied. Amplifying all women’s stories is Tanji’s mission.

We embrace allies of all kinds – including men and champions within the industry – in order to bring as many women-centric voices to your screens as possible.

Our Company

We are movie and TV lovers who are building Tanji for engaged audiences and fans like you.  Not only do we want to see more of ourselves and a greater range of stories reflected on all kinds of screens, we want to impact the filmmaking industry — and ultimately influence distribution — to effect real change for both content creators and socially conscious consumers. 

Our Team

Melinda Fox

Co-Founder & CEO

Shane Carwile

Co-Founder & CTO

Amy Hobby


Anne Hubbell